Linux Mint 7 (Gloria) RC1 – Review

May 6, 2009

Hi again folks! As you may or may not know, Linux Mint 7 Gloria RC1 was released yesterday, caught me off guard, so just whipped the iso down quickly thankfully I have a internet connection that kicks butt!

So Mint, we meet again! Last time I got to see you was version 5. Lets see how much you have improved since then 🙂

General Release Information

  • New “Suggestions” feature
  • Based on ubuntu 9.04

And verious other things, for a full listing, please click here.

What I’ll be reviewing

  • Installation – Using the “Start installer only” option.
  • Usage
  • New Menu Features
  • mintInstall (mostly all)
  • mintUpdate (If Updates availiable?)
  • RTFM Command (I gotta see this!)
  • apt – version command
  • The GUI in general (artwork)
  • Firefox – Moonlight Plugin
  • Inxi
  • Detection of Network Printers

That pretty much sums it up.

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