This is a page containing cool downloads.

BSDanyware 4.5
This is BSDanyware, It a LiveCD. Released on 6/5/2009.
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Fedora 11
This is Fedora 11, It is a fully equipped GNU/Linux Operating System And Stands strongly by FOSS there-for not packaging any non-open packages however, extra repo’s are avaliable to get those but are unofficial. Releasing on 27-05-2009 2/6/2009.

FreeBSD 7.2
This is FreeBSD 7.2, It is a fully equipped BSD Operating System. Released on 4/5/2009.

Linux Mint 7 (Glorida) RC1
This is Linux Mint 7, Release Candidate 1
Released on 5/5/2009.

Microsoft Windows® 7 (RC)
Windows 7, is the next version of the Windows Operating System. Released on 5/5/2009.

Note: Anything listed here I have personally tested.


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