Windows “7” RC Publicly Released – And Reviewed.

May 5, 2009

Hello again folks!

Right, so Win “7” was released today as a Release Candidate. That said I will be ignoring any bugs I find as it’s an “RC” not a final. So if any bugs hold me back from doing something, I will not lower the score. PS: In case your wondering why I didn’t see it when it was first release, the Answer to that would be I do not have a “technet” and I am nothing special to MS, I’m just an ordinary person I’m afraid and I don’t do piracy. Also folks, sorry for the long front page, with long posts, I haven’t figured out how to limit messages with a “click here to see the rest” yet if you know how, drop me a comment 😀

General Release Information

  • Released on 5/5/09 publicly.
  • Release Candidate. Not Stable.
  • Made by MS
  • Not quite sure what they changed yet besides the GUI.

Downloading Note
Ok, thought I’d best leave a note here, before anyone comes in here saying it was illegal for me to download this thing for free. It is not illegal, and you can go grab your self a copy to prove it if you like. If you google it you, will find a MS website for it.

What I’ll be Reviewing

  • Installation
  • Usage
  • Internet Explorer 9 (or 8, what ever version it is now)
  • Network Configuration
  • Speed
  • Printing via network using CUPS. (That should be fun!)
  • Powershell Usability

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