Fedora 11 – Review

Hello Folks!

Sorry for the lack of posts, been rather busy recently šŸ˜®

So tonight, I can’t sleep it’s 5am, and you know what came to mind.. I said to my self “I know, I’ll go write a review of Fedora 11!”

I’ve been following FC11 since it’s early stages (When it first turned into FC11)

So, a couple of days ago, repo’s switched off Rawhide, and switched to the normal updates, and base repository’s, you know what that means? It’s considered stable, or rather RC stage. Which most likely, how it is now, is how it will go out to the public on release day. Which is in 10 days I believe.

So! Lets get this review started, I’ll be testing what ever throws at me, I’ve already installed this thing earlier.. oh that was fun! if only the hardware would work properly. (Let’s see, the pxe booting broke, it doesn’t load discs in the drive properly, and it doesn’t boot from usb. Heh, that’s my old laptop for ya!)

But that’s my laptops hardware at fault. Not the OS. I got it installed, finally with the netinst.iso šŸ™‚

So! Once installed, I have a desktop! Yay! I already took the time earlier to customize this a tiny bit. by installing a few packages and what not.

Full Size Here.

First thing you’ll notice, I changed the desktop background. This is due to when this one that is set now, was first tested I see it, and I loved it, I was actually shocked when they took it out and replaced it with a oh so simple one for single screens, and only allow dual(ers) to see the lion. Thankfully there is now a package, which allows you to grab this wallpaper for single screens šŸ™‚

Just a quicky to proove it’s really Fedora 11.. on my old laptop xD.

Full here.

So, overall the theme(ing) is ok, yes the default background is a lot more eh, plain than the one I’ve set it to now, but it does have a smooth look to it, not perfect, but it’s ok, but it’s easily changed šŸ™‚ The default Fedora theme, is really still here and has not changed much, it’s pretty much the same as the one with Fedora 10, all but a few new icons, and a couple of new desktop backgrounds.

So, application choices, they have used, Firefox 3.5 I notice, and Thunderbird 3.0, both beta. Fedora has a habit of doing that (Firefox 3.0b5, remember? šŸ˜‰ )

Lets hope they keep this up to date this time.

I use both of these, so I do hope they are stable enough and keeped up to date.

They also packed OO.org 3.1 in here, which is great! šŸ™‚ and is working a treat, as I am currently writing this post in it.
This version of OO.org seems stable so far, and is working fine šŸ™‚ as a matter of fact, the OS it’s self is working fine. Which is eh, Unusual for this distribution if I do say so my self, normally I got to do a bit more to actually get this thing to stand up on it’s feet without something going wrong. I’m surprised at how stable it has become šŸ™‚

One thing that I just noticed with OO.org is, when it’s minimized, so it seems the only way to pop it back up is to hit alt+tab. Clicking the task-bar one does not work. Simply makes it flicker.

So earlier, while setting up my laptop, I configured Thunderbird, and it was first time I got to play with TB, I gotta say, it seems stable. And appears to be working fine.

So after a few hours of playing with Fedora 11 Exclusively, I got to say, this is probably the most stable fedora I’ve seen while it’s being released (usually takes a few months after release to get it all patched up) but I think this one will actually hold it’s self up.

It seems to be running smoothly, and it’s pretty much worked out the box for me šŸ™‚ I’m impressed.

Even the touchpad, which for me would usually be a little bit of a pain due to being too sensitive, in gnome, this now allows you to disable it, it’s disabled by default šŸ™‚ which is great, as the whole editing xorg etc didn’t ever work for me šŸ™‚

Bluetooth transfers are smooth and clean.

Well it’s getting late (Well early for the normal people but it’s late for me. (6:53AM). I think I may be able to get to sleep now šŸ™‚

Oh Almost forgot.. the score…

Some comments:

Works great! I could not find any issues with it (And believe me, I tried) It seems to be rock solid!



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