64-bit OS is not a problem now.

Hello folks!

Ok, I’ve seen plenty of people with 64-bit CPU’s. And 32-bit OS’s installed.

So, I’ve decided, to answer some common questions, and common believes. And as to why, not to think “oh 64, it’s not going to have what I need”.

Note: Talking about x86_64 Linux, not Windoze.

So! lets get started.

“There is no hardware support for 64 bit!”
That may have been true 5 years ago. However now, 32-bit and 64-bit are level pegging with the same hardware support.

“Flash does not install on 64-bit Linux”
It does, specially now there is a new alpha plug-in, which is designed for 64-bit. However, you can still wrap the 32-bit plug-in, into 64-bit Linux.

“There’s not enough software for 64-bit”
You will find, most distributors, have nearly the same amount of 64-bit software included, as they do 32-bit. Software really is not a problem anymore.

“My browser plug-ins won’t work due to it’s a 64-bit browser”
That would of been true a few years ago. But now, I’m afraid it’s not. If you use a 64-bit Firefox, you can install any plug-in on it.

“Pulse Audio doesn’t work on 64-bit”
Well, it doesn’t work on 32-bit properly either. The same stuff, which will help a 32-bit one be fixed, will help fix the 64-bit one.

“Java does not work on 64-bit”
Again this used to be true, but it is now just a myth, this is no longer a problem.

So, is there anything bad about 64? Well yes actually there is:

“Can I compile programs for 32-bit only?”
Yes, but a lot of the time, they may either fail to run, or simply fail to compile.

Other than that, there really is no reason not to use 64-bit OS.

If you have more than 4GB ram, you have even more reason to use 64-bit, as it can utilize a lot more RAM than 32-bit.

So folks, if your a little worried about switching to 64-bit. Don’t be, it used to be major problems, but now it is not.
Unless there is a really serious problem, there is no reason not to use 64-bit!


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