Linux Mint 7 (Gloria) RC1 – Review

Hi again folks! As you may or may not know, Linux Mint 7 Gloria RC1 was released yesterday, caught me off guard, so just whipped the iso down quickly thankfully I have a internet connection that kicks butt!

So Mint, we meet again! Last time I got to see you was version 5. Lets see how much you have improved since then 🙂

General Release Information

  • New “Suggestions” feature
  • Based on ubuntu 9.04

And verious other things, for a full listing, please click here.

What I’ll be reviewing

  • Installation – Using the “Start installer only” option.
  • Usage
  • New Menu Features
  • mintInstall (mostly all)
  • mintUpdate (If Updates availiable?)
  • RTFM Command (I gotta see this!)
  • apt – version command
  • The GUI in general (artwork)
  • Firefox – Moonlight Plugin
  • Inxi
  • Detection of Network Printers

That pretty much sums it up.

The Review

First comments, starting up the partitioner.. It’s ok.. but it detected it’s previous install (5) as uBuntu which is ok.

The installer seems to run fine, and looks fine, but it’s a bit Gray, which makes it look a bit dull.

But the main thing is, it’s working a treat! 🙂

Bare in mind, the installer is probably all upstream besides artwork (I could be wrong).

But the fact you can skip language install is really handy.

Installer is quick, installer is simple, and it can skip language packs… that’s great! 🙂 However. It could do with a few more options, package selections for example. Also, after skipping languages once, it came up and asked again, what’s up with that?

Ok, so after a reboot, it’s starting up, boot splash is “OK”.

Ok! I’m at a desktop, and it has not K.O’ed yet! So, first thing I needed to do, was fix the screen resolution. though I had to login and log back out, and then change it again. it seems to have worked. Just don’t originally set the screen size wrong, because if you do, it will cause a failure if you don’t actually apply it and say no. BUT this is an RC, so I’m not going to pick at that, I’ll pick at it if it’s still there in the final.

I open up Firefox, and my god, styling does not look nice at all in my opinion.

Right, time to have a look at the menu shall we? Lets see what application should I search for hmm… I know! Filezilla.

And sweet as punch it comes up. Clearly it’s not installed, and it has an install package filezilla, lets see if that actually works…

It does, search again, there is Filezilla is installed. Favourites are pre-filled, and are not actually my favourites, so after opening filezilla i would presume it could auto add that? But it didn’t it’s still not there.

Descriptions underneath menu items are handy though. But generally I’d know what I want to open 🙂

Ok, so I hover over the menu for the version.. there it is Mint 7 Gloria – Main Addition.. But why is it called Main addition when it’s an RC? Strange.

Next bit… Great, we got two package managers here.. We got.. Package Manager & Software Manager. To me, both mean the same thing, but which one is mintInstall? I guess I’ll click on Software Manager first to see if that’s it. Yay I was good at guessing, it is.

Ok, featured apps, which ones looks interesting… I’ll go for Opera. Great installed and working.

Ok, now clicking the more info button, you know, in ones life, you always dream of.. clicking more info buttons.. this just makes that dream come true……… or is it just me? I’ll shut up now about more info shall I? 😛

Okie Dokie, time to check for updates, now it may or may not have any updates I’m not sure yet.

Yay! We have a shed load of updates to test with 🙂 I’m probably the only person who ever says that, but I’m not worried.

One of the new features of this mintUpdate is changelogs, BUT. I just clicked udev, and clicked changelog…. No Changelog Available. Clicked 4 more down the listing, and still no change logs. Now that is amusing. Right, time to apply updates.

Nice quick and sleek update.

One problem, upon clicking restart, my system beep went mad 😮

Ok.. Listen up! RTFM!!! xD People are going to love this one. Right lets see how well it works. Strangly, I got stuck, usually I would hit “ctrl + c” to exit man, or any other thing running in terminal, but this, nope it just beeped at me. so I just closed the terminal all together. After testing apt version, it’s fine, it pulls up the versions no problem at all. At least this one allows you to exit xD

Right moonlight… I go onto a website with Silverlight… Silverlight 2.0 required by the looks of it, and as moonlight is still 1.0, that’s not particularly handy is it? I’ve tried 4 websites I know that have silverlight, moonlight never worked on any of them.

Inxi. Good tool, one major problem, nearly impossible to read as the writing is light gray, meaning, it’s on a white background meaning, not so easy to read.

Bare in mind folks, I’m using mint “As is” and not modifying it at all. That includes themes.

Network printers. Now normally linux picks them up straight away when calling a cups server, so Mint should not be any different.

But, usually you’ll have to unblock the port on Linux, but with mint, pop down to the firewall option.. firewall disabled by default.. what the heck? you trying to let people in? Linux may be secure yes, but not enough to drop the firewall for Pete sake!

Anywho, after enabling the firewall (!) and allowing the printer config to show network printers, it showed up just fine and printed perfectly.

As for the artwork… it looks ok, but isn’t to my taste looks a bit too “dull”.

Overview & Final Result
Right, this is a tough one. Because:

  1. It almost works perfectly
  2. The default theme is letting it down
  3. I’m not quite sure as to how to rate it

I’m debating between 9 and 10..



tell you what, I’ll split it.


Mint, You got a fine release here in my opinion!


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