BSDanyware 4.5 Released & Tested

Hello Folks!

Right, so I’m going to skip the review on this one, as it seems to basically be a bootable live CD of OpenBSD 4.5 and as-such it would basically be reviewing OpenBSD 4.5 besides, all my posts so far, besides one, have been a review. so time to make one, which is not 😀

So, instead of reviewing it, I’ll be quickly testing it.

Summery of changes since last release..

  • Upgraded base system to OpenBSD 4.5
  • Now holds official OpenBSD Kernel.
  • New Artwork

As you can see, it’s not really enough to base an entire review on (I feel anyway)

What I’ll be testing

  • Does it boot?
  • Does it work?
  • What are the limits?

Again, you can see, clearly not enough to base a whole review on.

Right! Lets kick this thing in the drive.

So far so good.. Select a keyboard layout eh what’s my keyboard layout again? xD Just kidding.

All the options are working, good good 🙂

And I’m in a GUI! 🙂 Great the GUI is working.

Firefox is working good, got a browser connection 🙂

Amusingly, when you first login to the system with the live user.. it says you can use “sudo” to perform admin tasks… WRONG. live is not in sudoers file.

Galculator seems to work, but I just did a simple 1+1 =

Right, time to clean up, and get results…

Boot: [YES]
Does it work?: [YES]
Note: Everything seemed to work, besides sudo.
What Are Limits?
As a live user, your quite limited. But, it is enough to do your basic tasks what you may need to do. If you need to do more, you can login as root.

Side notes: Artwork is very shiny and clean.

Final Results: [PASS]


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