Windows “7” RC Publicly Released – And Reviewed.

Hello again folks!

Right, so Win “7” was released today as a Release Candidate. That said I will be ignoring any bugs I find as it’s an “RC” not a final. So if any bugs hold me back from doing something, I will not lower the score. PS: In case your wondering why I didn’t see it when it was first release, the Answer to that would be I do not have a “technet” and I am nothing special to MS, I’m just an ordinary person I’m afraid and I don’t do piracy. Also folks, sorry for the long front page, with long posts, I haven’t figured out how to limit messages with a “click here to see the rest” yet if you know how, drop me a comment 😀

General Release Information

  • Released on 5/5/09 publicly.
  • Release Candidate. Not Stable.
  • Made by MS
  • Not quite sure what they changed yet besides the GUI.

Downloading Note
Ok, thought I’d best leave a note here, before anyone comes in here saying it was illegal for me to download this thing for free. It is not illegal, and you can go grab your self a copy to prove it if you like. If you google it you, will find a MS website for it.

What I’ll be Reviewing

  • Installation
  • Usage
  • Internet Explorer 9 (or 8, what ever version it is now)
  • Network Configuration
  • Speed
  • Printing via network using CUPS. (That should be fun!)
  • Powershell Usability

The Review
Before I start the review, I would just like to comment on the download procedure…

What the heck is up with that? With a Java Applet? They must be kidding, what’s wrong with a good old Torrent or FTP / HTTP? It made my download slower 😦

Right, Windoze 7 is now downloaded. Time to test it! 😀

Ok, so put the disk in.. it loads and is loaded, it looks a bit better than Vista this time, though it also looks like it’s sitting on the same code base, I do hope not.

So far it’s nice, it’s clean and a little too simple. Ah, Licensing terms Do I agree? Well I guess I’ll have to. I’m doing this on a box with a Windows 7 BETA installed from last time I used this and got my key when the servers at MS crashed :D.

So, I’ll get to play with the partition editor a bit to remove the old install 🙂

So, windows has two partitions now aye? A System 200MB & the standard? I wonder if that 200MB is for bootloader :p

It warns me a little to much, as the first time about loosing data and files (deleting first partition) was enough to let me know, it does not have to tell me on each partition I delete. This time it auto created a 100MB System reserved partition. Now, the message says “Windows might have to create a partition for files” or close enough, it seems it will, so it should say “Windows will create a new partition for SYS files”.

And click next, and system appears to be installing. No package selection for windows still I see ;).

And the restart system button still, does not look like every other button on the installer. And strangely, the 5 4 3 2 1 countdown till restart did not actually count properly.

So my thoughts on installer are:

It’s clean, its simple, but it’s still the same under the hood. Thumbs up for changing the theme on it though.

So machine is restarted, back to a setup again, but the mouse appears to have been shoved out of the way and put into the corner of the screen without me touching it, amusing.

Talking of which, I just realised I never got asked which version of Windows I wanted to install or What Product key I have. Strange, have they finally got rid of that horrid Windows Genuine PITA?

I got given a key. So I’m guessing it’s going to ask me for one later.

Rebooted again, and guess what? My mouse is in corner again 😀

Aha! Here we go product key.

Right, now why does Setting up the desktop for first time have to take so damn long? it does not take this long on any Other OS I have tried.

Right, so I’m now on my desktop 🙂

So, using windows 7, what should I do first? I know, I’ll activate windows, as I never check the “auto activate”.

It went smoothly and cleanly, I like.

OK, time to open up IE. and try browsing a few websites…

First I’ll try the default homepage.. MSN.

Loads OK, but of a bother to get started, as first you have to go through a whiz, and then it opens another tab. But hopefully, that’s only for first time use.

Pages load kind of slow, but it works. Overall, I’d say it’s good, if you don’t have any other browsers.

Right, network config, lets see how easy it will be for me to set it up, to request a specific IPv4 address, and specific gateway. Too easy, nice quick and simple, pretty much identical way of doing it to XP except now, now just have to go through control panel (on a default set up).

Speed is fairly ok. Seems to be fast enough. Using just 4% CPU & 354MB Ram. Not bad. Not bad.
That there makes it better than Vista.

Right.. Printer! Where are you?!

Unlike Linux it’s not auto detected.. not a problem lets see how easy it is to configure it, so windows can print from it. It’s searching for printers. It would be interesting to see if it actually picks it up.

No Printers Found.

No surprise there.

Right I’ve now clicked the printer that I want isn’t listed button.

So I’ve selected a shared printer by name, and entered this:

Which of course, is my printer box, and my printer 🙂

Selected a driver, and now says successfully added. But.. Can it print?

A test page has been sent to my printer.. but will it print? So far does not look good, nothing is coming out of printer.

Ok, It did not print, so this time I’ve re-set up printer with a generic driver trying again…

Aha! We have something, it’s printing. With the “MS Publisher Colour Printer” driver.

On test page, with additional drivers used, it’s got a PSScript driver, so I’m guessing, they now have Post Script support (They never last time I checked on XP)

So printing? Great works perfect almost.

Now for something new! Powershell.

This is Microsoft’s answer to the Shell which GNU/Linux, and BSD and various other types of OS’s have. I have never used this, but is it any good? Well I’m about to find out.

So after a few little bit of playing, I’ve determined that Microsoft, have basically ripped the bash shell but is ok.

Just checked out the Calculator, it looks pretty cool now 🙂

Right! I’ll end the review there 🙂 This is long enough as it is now.

Overview & Final Result

Overall, I like the new OS. It looks nice, it runs light. And it’s clean. But, I do not like it enough, to make me want to switch from Linux.

The default browser is kinda slow, granted that can be changed. But for someone who does not know how to change it. That does not do them any favours. I know people who do not even know that Internet Explorer is not the only browser.

The Printers on a Network that is using CUPS still do not get detected automatically, not really an issue, more of an inconvenience if you need a quick set up.

But besides those, This is a fine OS now. But, not quite enough to make a long-term Linux user switch to it (like me).

My total score for it is… 8/10.

Not bad MS. Not Bad.


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